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SalesTown CRM is the simplest yet powerful lead management system designed for  busy teams to Manage, nurture, track, and interact with all your leads from one central hub, saving you time and boosting your sales.


Everything you need to smooth your sales

Forget the days of scattered spreadsheets and lost leads. SalesTown is your one-stop shop for managing your entire sales pipeline, from capturing leads to closing deals.

  • Collect lead information from multiple sources in one place
  • Automate Assigning leads to specific team members based on rules
  • Monitor lead progress and activities across the pipeline
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Top Features of Lead Management System

Don’t Let Clients Slip Away Automate Your Service Business With SalesTown Now!


Web form for Lead generation

Easily capture leads by placing simple forms on your website. As visitors sign up for your product or service, Salestown automatically captures their information directly  added into the lead pipeline. streamlining your lead generation process.


Never lose a lead again

Easily capture leads from various sources like website forms, social media, Ads, and imported lists.

Automatic Lead Capture

No more manual work. Our system grabs leads from websites, ads, and social media instantly.

Don’t lose past prospects. Easily import old leads from Excel or other sources, keeping all data in one place.

SalesTown integrates with popular websites and lead aggregators to gather leads from everywhere.

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Organize and Manage

Know Your Customers
Inside Out

Keep all customer data organized in one unified place - contact details, communication history, notes, and more.

Lead Profiles

Store all your lead information in one place, including contact details, interactions, and interests.

Find exactly who you’re looking for with powerful filters. Search by location, sales stage, source, and more.

This feature automatically groups all leads associated with the same company name into one account, giving you a clear picture.

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Close More Deals Faster

Streamline your sales process with tools for managing pipelines, automating workflows, follow-up reminders etc.

Smart Lead Distribution

Distribute leads fairly among your sales team based on pre-set rules, ensuring everyone gets a chance to shine.

Track the progress of your deals from initial contact to closing. See where deals are stuck and focus your efforts on the most promising opportunities.

Get automated alerts and reminders for follow-ups, tasks, and overdue deadlines. Never miss a beat in the sales cycle.

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Organize and Manage

Reach Out to Customers
the Way They Want

Built-in Email Marketing

Design and send targeted email campaigns directly within SalesTown. track performance of your campaigns, including opens, clicks, and bounces and much more!

Send bulk SMS messages to leads or customers for promotions or product updates or send reminders to your leads.

Monitor IVR performance with a detailed reporting dashboard and call logs, featuring key metrics, filtering options, and an intuitive interface for efficient analysis and management.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights through comprehensive reporting and visual dashboards.

Powerful Reporting:

Gain valuable insights into your sales performance with clear reports and data analysis.

report analytics

Set your business
goals with SalesTown

  • Easily define specific goals for your team, like calls, add prospects, or revenue.
  • Monitor your team's performance with real-time visual reports.
  • Adjust goal duration and intervals to fit your business needs, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Identify top and low-performing days to improve strategies and boost productivity.
  • Quickly set, adjust, and review goals with a user-friendly interface.

Benefit of using SalesTown Lead Management Software

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